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Trapeze Bar Swing


Trapeze Bar with Rings for Swing Sets

Let your little gymnast have fun on the 18" wide trapeze bar for swing sets. The chains are constructed in heavy duty metal with Plastisol coating on the swing chains for added comfort and safety. Plastisol coating minimizes the chance of pinched fingers while using the trapeze bar. Swing set trapeze bars can be a great way to build coordination, strength, flexibility and confidence for children. Who knew something so fun could be great exercise for your body too?

Helping Children Grow Physically and Mentally

As children grow, their sense of adventure changes. To satisfy their need to test their strength and agility, add a trapeze bar to your swing set. Trapeze bars allow children to show off their newly acquainted hand-eye coordination and strength to their friends. In fact, children may be inspired to become olympic gymnastics as they twist and turn holding tightly onto the gymnastic rings. As children become more comfortable with their abilities on trapeze bars, they feel more confident around their peers. Remember, a healthy mind is a healthy body, so encourage your child to get active outside and play.

Installs in Minutes...

Our trapeze bar can be installed in under a minute on most swing sets. They make the perfect replacement of old and worn out trapeze bars or used in place of swings. Trapeze bars are an affordable upgrade that will bring extra smiles from sunrise to sunset.

Trapeze Bar with Rings Specifications:

Material:   Constructed in heavy duty metal with plastisol coating on the swing chains for added comfort and safety.
Warranty:   3-year warranty
Weight Limits:   250 lbs.
Length of chain:   36"
Measurements:   Trapeze bar 1" diameter 18" long
Safety:   Meets or exceeds all ASTM safety requirementsastm trapeze bar rings
Color:   Green
Ages:   3+
Delivery:   Super-fast delivery via residential carrier.
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    1. LOVE THIS!

      Posted by Maureen Hernandez on 14th May 2014

      This was purchased as a replacement for our old trapeze bar that broke last summer (one of the rings cracked - it was 5 years old). My daughter was delighted to have it back. It is probably her favorite part of the swing set.

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