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Telescope Accessory for Play Set

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Telescope for Swing Sets

Your child will be exploring the universe in no time at all with this durable swing set telescope. Let your child imagine being the captain of a battleship looking for its enemy or let them aspire to become an astronomer catching a glimpse of an undiscovered galaxy. The telescope swivels up, down and around so no imagination will go to waste. It would make a perfect side kick to our steering wheel!

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  • Product Specs
    • Material: Heavy duty plastic
    • Warranty: 3-year warranty
    • Measurements: 13 1/2" length
    • Color: Blue/ Yellow
    • Ages: 3+ years
    • Installation: Telescope can be installed on most wood swing sets. Includes mounting hardware for an easy installation.
    • Delivery: Super-fast delivery via residential carrier
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