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We've taken the most popular model from a large swing set manufacturer that supplies many of the "Big Box" stores and have compared it to our swing set to show you the shortcuts and lower quality you would get with other manufacturers.

Kid's Creations Wood Components

best swing sets better swingsets kids creations wood
Splinter Free Redwood and Cedar Strong Enough For Adults 2" x 6" Planking vs. 1" x 6"


When compared side by side with other leading swing set manufacturers, you will easily see why Kid's Creations offers the most safe and durable swing sets in the industry.

Thicker Lumber

At first glance some people will think a swing set is a just a wooden frame with swings, fort or a deck and a slide. Take a closer look and answer these questions;

  • Is the frame metal or wood?
  • Do bolts and other hardware stick out from the set?
  • Are the corners smoothly rounded or jagged?
  • Are the links in the chain capable of getting little fingers stuck
  • Is the wood used redwood, cedar or pine?

Many parents don’t consider these questions when purchasing a swing set, but they should.

Faster Installation Times for More Playtime

  • Kid's Creations sets, on average, take 6-8 hours to assemble
  • (vs. 30 hours for other companies' sets)
  • Holes are pre-drilled and counter-sunk
  • Components come pre-assembled
  • All you have to do is bolt the bigger pieces together

Superior Quality and Durability

To begin with, our swing sets are made using only 100% genuine redwood and cedar. The reasons are simple; redwood and cedar is naturally resistant to erosion, virtually splinter free and doesn't need to be treated each year with costly finishes and protective coats of insect repellents. Pressure treated pine and metal simply can not match the strength and durability of redwood and cedar. In addition, pine needs constant maintenance to prevent rot and decay and metal is easily eroded over time by weather and UV light.

best wooden swingset cedar wood
True 4"x4" support beams - strong and sturdy Higher load capacity


Screws, Bolts and Swing Connectors

Another aspect that makes our swing sets stronger than our competition is our steel swing connectors. There are many areas of a swing set to check for safety, but none are as important as the connectors that lock swings, monkey bars, slides and other accessories in place to the frame. Kid's Creations does not play around when it comes to safety and we make sure every connection on every swing set is a sturdy steel connector that provides a full range of motion without locking. This is one of the reasons why we know we offer the best swing sets.

Bigger is Stronger

stronger bolts stronger screws strong swing connectors
Thicker Bolts Thicker Screws Stronger Swing Support


Safety-Minded Swing Set Chains

safe swing chains
  • Plastisol coated to protect little fingers
  • Large Pinch Free Swing Chains
  • Plastic Covered Links
  • Stronger Support


Quality Constructed Rail, Ladders and Rockwalls

ladders rails durable wood
Quality Construction and Child Friendly Strong Enough For Parents Durable For Years Of Play


Stronger Canopies

canopies canopy
  • Larger Canopies
  • Durable Commercial Grade
  • 12oz. Vinyl
  • Larger Swing Set Decks
  • Wooden Roofs Available


Slides Engineered For Durability and Safety

slides durable slides
  • Engineered For Strength
  • High Edges For Stability
  • Wave and Spiral Slides
  • Stronger Material

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