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Swing Set Reviews

Your feedback not only brightens our day at Kids Creations, it makes our job even more rewarding. It also helps us improve our customer service and products that we offer. The swing set reviews below are from our satisfied owners.

"Here is a link to my website which tells the story in pictures of the playset I purchased from Kids Creations.  After my grandchildren outgrew it we passed it on to a niece who has three year old triplets.  Your sets have long lives and serve multiple

Please visit it and see if there is any way to use it in the review story -"
Doug Hardin - Kids Creations Customer

Double Tower Design your Own - Santa Delivers the Perfect Play Set for Christmas

"Thank you for everything you've done to make this possible for our daughters. We were beyond satisfied with your product and customer service. Surprisingly, my husband and a friend were able to complete most of the project in one very long day. Our daughters have spent everyday outside playing. We have eaten breakfast, lunch and dinner on the picnic table. We are 200% satisfied. We would be happy for you to post any videos or pictures."

-Kid's Creations Customer

Pot O' Gold Designer

We purchased a Pot O' Gold set that we designed online. It is a beautiful playset that our neighbors said they enjoy looking at every day. The wood is excellent quality as well as all the hardware. The tube slide is a bit of work to assemble but looks neat on the set. Kid's Creations were very helpful when the original order was missing several pieces. They sent way more parts than I needed and now we have many spare parts. We are extremely happy with this playset. The kids use it every day.

-Kid's Creations Customer

High Flyer Deluxe - Best Thing I Purchased All Year

I purchased the High Flyer Deluxe Play Set this past summer for my 4 year old daughter. She absolutely loves it. She wants to "go outside" now even when its cold or rainy. Its the first thing she wants to do when she gets home from school. I chose to put it together myself with a little help from my family. Working on it off and on, it took me a few days. Thanks so much for the quality product, and I highly recommend this set to others.

-Kid's Creations Customer


Grandson was so surprised!

We bought this's et for our grandson's 5th birthday. He was so happy when he saw it! Professional set up was just that... Professional. He built in less than 4 hours and I was first to swing. All was perfect. Thanks!

-Kid's Creations Customer

Two Ring

Love it!

We love our new swing set! Very sturdy and well put together. The kids are so happy!

-Kid's Creations Customer

High Flyer Deluxe Swing Set Review

My son and his friends are all thrilled with this playset. I love the beauty of the wood top, and I love knowing that the bright sunshine here won't shred it into bits in a year, like the vinyl items that have quickly deteriorated on other toys here. Kid's Creations' customer service was stellar. I really appreciate their help. I love that my son s playset is beautiful and unique. I am thrilled that we got such a great deal on sale, and that this set is better quality than what our local home improvement and ix box stores have to offer.

-Kid's Creations Customer

High Flyer with Monkey Bars

My 4 year old loves her new swing set. The only thing I would change is adding hand rails to the monkey bars ladder and at the top of the rock wall. Otherwise, it is a great quality swing set and we will enjoy it for years to come.

-Kid's Creations Customer


Great experience--from ordering to installation to playing

Delivery & installation were sooner than anticipated, installer arrived on Time, was efficient, thorough & left the location spotless. 4yo daughter LOVES her play set. We would all recommend this company & play set based on cost, purchase/install experience & fun.

-Kid's Creations Customer

2 Person Glider Review

This glider is very sturdy and nice to look at also. It was a good addition to my swing set

-Kid's Creations Customer

Pot O' Gold Swing Review - Great company

Eveytime the company was great to work with and sent replacement parts at no cost quickly. Good swing set great company.

-Kid's Creations Customer

Double Tower Designer Review

We had ordered a swingset and had a few issues with some of the material. The material was replaced with no problems we are very happy. 

-Kid's Creations Customer

High Flyer Deluxe with Monkey Bars

My grand children are enjoying the swing set. It is very sturdy and is just right for the two and four year old.

-Kid's Creations Customer

Installed Pot O' Gold


-Madeline Schmidt

High Flyer Cedar Swing Set



-Sabra Hamberg

Very Happy with Kid's Creation Products


We are very happy with Kid's Creations products. We received full attention to details from the management during the order process. I got a few calls from the President. Everything was on time. Excellent balance between price and quality.

-Yury Kurilin

High Quality Custom Play Set


We finally mulched the playset after I had to extend the slide "runout". We are absolutely ecstatic with the end result and the kids have honestly not missed a single day in two weeks from coming home and playing on their new second home! We cannot say enough about the quality and support your company provides and could not be any happier. Thank you for providing such a high quality product that shows you stand behind your product! Thanks again! Thanks again!

-The Allens

High Quality Products!

I just wanted to compliment your company's customer service and high quality products. We just assembled our Two Ring Adventure, and we are so impressed with the high quality craftsmanship. The redwood is absolutely amazing, and my Dad and I put it together in probably less than 6 hours total (and everything fit perfectly!). A couple of shingles split as we were assembling the roof (probably due to our error though - we put the screws too close to the end), so I called Kid's Creations and the replacement parts are being sent out to me FREE OF CHARGE! Wow! Truly impressed with your company. Keep up the great work. I wish there were more companies like Kid's Creations.

Thank you so much - and best of all, my kids love it!


I Put Together the Whole Swing Set by Myself!


Thank you again for your help with the replacement part 23. I talked to Karyn yesterday to let her know the new part was just right, and everything went together perfectly once I had it.

I'm writing to give you kudos on a great product. In my household, my husband is spatially challenged and not a good candidate to assemble anything. I am the assembly guru in my family, but I was pretty intimidated at the thought of putting together a big wooden playset. Even so, I was determined to give it a shot before calling in a professional. I'm a relatively small woman (5'3"), but I put together the whole set by myself! My husband helped me raise and level the deck, but other than that, I did everything singlehandedly. I was amazed at the comprehensive, easily understood instructions. Little details on how countersink holes should be oriented made a huge difference. I've built lots of things where I didn't get those details and had to backtrack and redo things. I was pretty slow and methodical, but I'd say I built everything in about 16 hours.

I really did my homework before buying a set, and I'm very happy with my choice. The size of the beams, the redwood, the warranty, and the commercial quality hardware are exactly the same as Rainbow for about half the price. My neighbors kept popping by when I was working on it, and I got several comments about how much bigger the wooden parts were than on their cheap hardware store playsets.

I posted pictures of my construction process on Facebook, and I think I've probably already sent some business your way, as my friends have been asking where I got the great playset that I was able to build ALL BY MYSELF!

Thanks for a terrific product and wonderful customer service. We were thrilled to provide swing set reviews for Kid's Creations.

-Rudi Gandy

The Quality was Excellent, it was Easy for Us to Put Together!


Attached please find a photo of our daughter Lauren's new Swing Set and Sand Box from Kid's Creations. The Quality was excellent, it was easy for us to put together and she loves them both just like you said she would. We had looked at all the other stuff out there and are so glad we bought direct from your Company and would
recommend your sets to anyone who wants a great product at the best price.

Thanks Again!

-Sean Kenney

Able to Assemble this Set in Less than One Day

Hi, Wanted to let you know that we received the set on Friday at about 1:30PM and were able to get it in place for our daughters party on Saturday at noon. THANK YOU!!! As promised, it went together great and my wife and I were extremely happy we were able to assemble it in that amount of time with only some help (hands) from my wife's sister. Our kids (5 and 2) had a great time on it with their cousins at the party and were excited to introduce it to their neighborhood friends to it on Sunday as all 7 kids were busy "testing" everything out. We have a bunch of landscaping to do, but I think it is fair to say Christine and I could not be happier with your product. After about 5 months of considering other sets, we are confident we picked the perfect swing set for our family. Our families and neighbors (and their parents) were blown away (based on other swing set experiences) that we were able to assemble this set in less than one day as well as the quality of the overall set. It really speaks to your commitment to send parts assembled where possible (ladder, rock wall etc), carefully predrilled bolt holes and having clear/complete instructions. I even offered to help my neighbor assemble theirs if they order it from you as it really was not a big deal, I actually enjoyed doing it. Please pass our thanks to the rest of your staff as everyone was always a pleasure to talk to, always did what they said they would, and simply did a great job.

Thank you again making things right throughout this process.

-Bryan, Christine, Tyler and Meagan

Thanks to All of you for our Wonderful Playset

kobus.pngHello! Thanks to all of you for our wonderful playset. It looks great in our yard and our three boys (2, 5, & 7) are really enjoying it. (And our dog in the photo is trying desperately to climb the ladder so he can be up in the fort with the boys - we're sure he'll figure it out soon!) Here's a photo to see how it turned out and for entry in the picnic table drawing. Thank you again!

-Kate Kobus

We Recommend Kid's Creations!


First of all, thank you so very much for everything! Especially your advice on switching out the drawbridge for a ladder based on the ages of my kids. After seeing the ease of which my 16 month old twins go up & down them like it's nothing, your insight proved invaluable! And my 8 year old & the older neighbor kids LOVE the more difficult rockwall.

This swingset has it all for all ages! But my favorite things are the quality and cost. I can't believe you make any money on these things. The wood is real quality stuff, from the 4 x 6 swingbeam to the 2 x 4 edging plates. 100% redwood that even the most expensive competitor's sets didn't have. And the shear massiveness of the set in general. It makes those box sets from the lumber yards look like tinkertoys!

To be able to custom make our own set, with everything our kids would use and love and nothing that they wouldn't. That as a parent, is money well spent. Our kids get up, get dressed, and immediately head for the backyard everyday. We put solar lights on it and they even play on it after dark! Heck, so do me & my husband!

We are so incredibly lucky to have found your company. From receiving the catalog, designing the swingset, placing our order, waiting(hardest part! But only 2 weeks!), set up, and enjoying, this whole process has been so easy. Honestly, it's the best money we have spent on our kids.

I highly recommend Kids Creations to anyone that is looking for both quality and value in an outdoor wooden swingset.

Thanks again!

-The Granquists

Thank you for your Outstanding Customer Service

My husband and I wanted to thank you and Karyn for such a great experience! Our swingset is awesome. The kids LOVE it! One of our neighbors has already called to inquire about your company. Thank you for the assistance in assembling it (over the phone).

Thank you for your outstanding customer service. It was worth every dollar that we spent to have such kind/caring people on the other end! We appreciate all that you have done to make our purchase of this swingset so successful! We continue to recommend Kid's creations to anyone asking about the swingset. I posted all of my pictures online!

God Bless

-Brandon and Heather Blankenship

Ease of Construction - My Review of Swing Kids Creations

Hi, just wanted to say that your playset's are first class! Saturday I started at 8:30AM and finished at 5:30PM that day. Did it single handed. Your system was laid out very well, all labeled, and the pre drills where right on the money! It is solid as a rock and my son (and mom) loves it.

THANKS to you and your staff...

-Lee Anderson, FL

Six Years and Still Looking Great!

Thanks Karyn! I just re-stained the swing after 6 years and is still looking great! The kids are very happy with it and still enjoying the set.


The Staff at Kid's Creations Were Wonderful

The staff at Kid's Creation were wonderful and extremely helpful, not to mention the great Kid's Creation website comparing other brand playsets. It was through your help and Kid's Creation's staff's time and explanations regarding safety, and their effort to give the customer exactly what they want, when they want that sold me on this simply fabulous playset. Bravo to the owner for his "Kids" concerns for safety and the best possible product available on the market. I will always be grateful for the connection and the recommendation. Thank you again for making my grandchildren thrilled with the Kids Creation installation and for making their grandparents secure and confident with your assembly.

Best regards,

-Leslie Ciampi, Lexington, MA

Thanks Kid's Creations for Our Backyard Play Structure


Here are some pics of our process. The final product is a well made play structure that the kids have been enjoying tremendously!

-Stephen and Sonia Godail, Baton Rouge, LA

After 2 Years of Reviewing Swing Sets

I did nearly 2 years of research before I wore my husband down enough to buy an outdoor wooden set, including asking this list and here is what I found (prices are approximate because ours is purchased I have now blocked it from my mind): Toys r us and similar are certainly available at less than $1000. I did not look at those closely, because they looked more flimsy to me and not made of that great of longer lasting materials (eg they were typically made from pine). Plus, I was concerned about any stains and other chemicals they put on the wood to make them look more uniform (like the expensive redwood sets). Costco, Sam's Club, etc. have sets in the neighborhood of $1000-2000. I looked closely at those--the one at Costco for instance is made by Rainbow. That grade and the grade of Rainbow's lowest end 'prefab' unit is inferior to the more expensive units only in that some of the components are made of pine (it's a mix of different woods), which will not last as long and they have different guarantees and in many cases are not rated weight-wise as high (so when my 350 pound brother in law came over, I'd have to tell him to steer clear). The Rainbow rep in Chantilly told me that within 10 years one would be replacing boards/parts. Not a problem if you only want 5 years out of the set, but it seemed a lot to pay for something that the rep told me wouldn't last all that long (and be able to resell if desired). I'm sure people have these sets and they hold up just fine. But the bump up to the next level seemed to make sense for us. I looked most seriously at Cedarworks, based out of Maine. They were crazy expensive, but are having a 10% off sale right now. Cedar apparently splits, so while it resists rot and turns to a nice gray patina, I’m sure holds up well, based on the price and reputation of these guys...I just wasn't ready to pay full price--but they do have some very innovative accessories. Plus, they weren't overly responsive to me, but they do have a fun utility on their website to play with building your own (without prices of course). Rainbow: I was this close to buying their set and in late May they were running a nice 40% off sale. What I wanted (a pretty basic set) would have still been almost 3K, including install (which was $300). They are nicely made and the sales rep was very helpful, but I didn't like the ladder, I didn't think the rungs would be all that safe and just couldn't stomach the price when it wasn't exactly what I wanted overall. Then I found Kids Creations. Sight unseen (except for the internet), we bought one. They didn't have the chemical stains I was worried about and were made of durable wood. They were running a 50% off sale (and still are). It was just slightly cheaper than the Rainbow and I actually got more stuff, but the ladder was much safer IMO. It is a tiny company out of Kansas. I spoke with what I think are all three front line employees including the owner during my 20+ phone calls and emails to them and they were extremely patient and helpful. The set came right on schedule and I couldn't be happier with the quality. It took my husband (a handy guy) and his construction worker cousin 7 hours to assemble from first to last bolt and they said it wasn't bad--but my husband did say he was not always thrilled with the instructions. If I recall the company has a roster of installers and it seemed to cost around $300, but I didn't have to look into that much. One of the nice things about this company, is that lots of pieces came pre-assembled. So the boards for the base of the tower were assembled in sets of 3, so each didn't have to be set out. We didn't get one, but apparently the rock wall is pre-assembled as well. Regarding leveling. I thought our yard was level so I didn't worry about the offers of Rainbow and Kids Creations to send pieces with longer legs and such to accommodate slight slopes. Turns out our flat back yard has a 4 inch slope over 5-6 feet. The guys just built the front up with a piece of wood and it worked out fine. Kids creations also has a nice little build your own' tool that you can play with and the prices are right there for you to see. Now that it's installed would I do it again? It's too early for me to tell, but I do know that I was more impressed than I expected with the set. My kids are 2 and 4 and I really hope we get a good 10 years out of this set. From the research I did, it seems around 10-12 yo at the outside, kids aren't as into playsets as primary play. My kids love it now and when the mosquitoes aren't wretched like they were today, they are playing on it all the time (but it's been up less than 1 month). Oh and when I asked this list, I got mixed responses. Some people said their kids never played on the sets and it seemed every other house in the neighborhood had a set and that no one used them. Others raved about their sets. Some also suggested buying one used off of Craigslist. I did see several for sale (even a couple Cedarworks), but I was worried about paying the prices people were asking and then not having any warranty because I was the second owner. So I guess you have to balance cost, durability, ability of adults to play on the set, and all the other factors and pros and cons off the various price points, hope this little synopsis helps. End of my post, but a couple comments I wanted to add to you: My husband is going to build a bucket with a pulley system for the tower--you should check out some of the accessories for Cedarworks--they really are fun. My only other comment is that we got the glider piece and the kids (nor adults) can't seem to get that to work, it won't 'swing' or really move. Is there something we need to do that we're missing? Also, we wound up separating the buoy ball from the trapeze piece. Do you have a place you recommend purchasing rope (or what rope is good) to hang that down? Or should we use chain? Favorite piece by far is the tire swing! Thanks again, you guys were great all around.

-Elizabeth and Dennis Jones, Alexandria, VA

Strong & Sturdy

Hi, Good afternoon. I wanted to send you some photos of Adam's swingset that I installed last week. The set looks amazing. He had a birthday party for his 4 yr. old over the weekend and there must have been 5 kids and 4-5 adults on the set at once and it didn't move an inch. Everyone there loved it. Adam and his wife couldn't be happier.

-R. Huber, Installer

We've Been Very Impressed with the Excellent Engineering

We just got our playset set up this weekend, and we love it. We've been very impressed with the excellent engineering, and how carefully everything was labeled for easy assembly. The steps are so big that they're safe enough for our 22-month old to climb up by herself, and it's all still fun enough for the big kids, too. The whole neighborhood has been by to try it out. Thanks for the years of fun ahead of us!

-Eva Allen

Fantastic Grand Stand Swingset!

I just wanted to send you a "kudos" for building our daughter such a FANTASTIC Grand Stand swingset! As you promised, it arrived without incident, was pretty easy for our handyman to assemble (took 5 hours), and is strong and sturdy enough for ALL of us to play on! In fact, every time she goes out to play, so do I!!! I love it, love it, love it. We even had a "swingset warming party" to celebrate! The kids gravitate to it and I know my daughter is very safe when she plays. We are 100% happy with our purchase and are recommending others to check you out. Thanks Again.

Kathy Flanagan

The Quality Was Excellent, It Was Easy For Us To Put Together!


Hello, I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your swing set and your company as well! It's been about two weeks since I assembled your swing set and my 2-1/2 year old daughter is absolutely thrilled with it! Every day that I pick her up from daycare, the first thing she asks me is: "Daddy, can we go home and play on my swing set?"! And the best part about her asking it "that" way is that I can honestly answer: "Yes, honey, "we" can go home and play on your swing set"! As you know already, Jeff, I researched countless swing set manufacturers and even went as far as to join a couple of "swing set forum" websites that mainly focused on other swing set manufacturers that I initially was interested in. Well, after doing my exhaustive research, I concluded that I wanted a good, high-quality swing set that was affordable and one that "I" could also be able to use with my daughter(s) (I have another daughter on the way!). You see, I love to play with my daughter, and when I do, she expects me to be very involved with her. That would include playing with her while she plays on her swing set. If I couldn't climb up into the fort or swing on the swings with her, it would break her heart! Your swing sets allows us "kids at heart" to actively play with our children (which goes a long way in making memories)! As is usually the case in life, high-quality and affordability do not go hand-in-hand. This is not the case with your swing sets. The materials, hardware and, most importantly, the designs of your swing sets allow them to be classified, in my mind, as "high-quality". The factory-direct sales approach allows your swing sets to be classified as "affordable" by cutting out the middle-man. Please feel free to use any of the photos I have provided. As you can clearly see, my daughter gives your swing set the "smile from ear-to-ear" approval!! One thing I will point out is that, despite not needing to apply protectant to the rot and decay-resistant redwood, I decided to put water/UV sealant on it mainly to protect the color and prevent the wood from turning gray naturally. That's one more advantage to your swing sets. I love the true redwood color that, with most swing set manufacturers, you would have to stain their sets to get the color of the redwood. Thanks again for an all-around great swing set!

- Mike Rayeski

A Christmas Dream Come True

I cannot say enough about the swing wet we purchased this past year as a Christmas present for our 3 year old daughter. The whole experience from designing on the web, the interaction with customer service, delivery, assembly, and of course playing! We ordered well in advance of Christmas and the order was taken and shipment postponed exactly as requested. It arrived just in time to be assembled before Christmas. To my really did assemble as easy as the other testimonials say that it does. With the help of a couple friends we assembled the whole thing in less than 5 hours. The best part is that we did not run into one problem...everything was perfect. That is the best experience I have ever had putting together something for Christmas and this by far is the largest present I have ever assembled. Many thanks for all you do to make this a pleasant experience for the consumer. Oh...and quality is excellent...I cannot believe I even thought about buying one of the inferior sets elsewhere. I have complete peace of mind when my daughter plays on the set...and I can even play on it with her with no worries! Great product...Great service. We would (and have) recommend you to all those looking for the perfect swing set for their families. Thanks again.

- J. Shible

Sharing the First Swing Set Picture!

first-swing-set.pngWe installed our playground this weekend and were so happy with it we wanted to share the first picture!

- The Tonnesen's

Our Playset Survived Hurricane Ike

We purchased a 3-Ring Adventure Playset in 2005 for our new home in Clear Lake City, Texas. Just wanted to let you know that our playset survived hurricane Ike! While fences were taken down throughout our neighborhood, our playset didn't move or sustain any damage! What a great product -- one that we've been very pleased with... Thanks,

- Brady

Beautiful Wooden Swing Set For Wish Child

make a wish swing set donation reviewDear Kid's Creations, Thanks you for the beautiful wooden swing set that we gave our wish child, Camden-3 yrs old. It was very easy to assemble. Camden was climbing all over it within seconds of putting on the slide! He was so excited. The wood is beautiful, the design is so much fun and child friendly. And our wish child is delighted. It wouldn't have been possible without Kid's Creations.

- Michelle Bennett, Make-A-Wish Program

Love, Love, Love Our Swingset!

scott.pngDear Kid's Creations,

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our swingset! I looked for about three months at all kinds of swing sets and I'm so glad I spent the extra money and went with your company!! It was well worth the wait. The kids love it! My husband who didn't want me to purchase a swingset, even has been on it playing with the kids. He was also not happy that he was going to have to put it together, but it only took about five hours. He put most of it together by himself with a little help from me and a neighbor. The hardest part was getting it level and that is why it took as long. He even said it was not bad to put together. Everything was labeled great and no sorting through hardware - everything was packaged well. You also have the BEST prices for the quality of the swing set! I'm also happy that my husband and I can play on the set too without worries of it breaking. I would recommend your swing sets to anyone looking for an awesome set at a great price! Thanks.

- Christie Scott

Thanks Kid's Creations!

rodriguez2.pngSorry it took so long to send a photo of my son's completed swing set. He absolutely loves it!!! Thanks.

- Dan Rodriguez

Joy and Quality Time

reagoso.pngDear Kid's Creations,

Thank you for bringing so much joy and quality time to my 2 year old daughter, Isabella and I.

- F. Reagoso

Kid's Creations Playset Review

kids creation play set reviewFolks, Wanted to share our photos with you for our Kid's Creations Playset for inclusion in your contest. We have recently stained the set with Behr Redstain to add protection from the hot Texas sun. We have 4 children ages 2-12, and they along with their friends and other kids from the neighborhood here absolutely love this thing to death. Thanks for what you do.

- Bill & Patty McClary

We've Been Spending More Time Outside



We've been spending more time outside than inside since the play set arrived. The extra length on the few pieces to accommodate my sloped yard worked perfectly as the play set is sturdy (I spend a fair amount of time in it) and perfectly level. Also, I installed the set myself in about 6 hours. A helper or two would have cut that time in half easily. We are loving the play set and thank you for all your help both in customizing the design as noted above and helping to get it delivered on a timely basis. Thanks Again.

- Blaine Peterson and family, Norman, OK

Highest Recommendation for The Quality Of Craftsmanship


here is the final set-up for our grandchildren's set. Just finished putting in the rubber mulch today. I would be happy to give your company the highest recommendation for the quality of craftsmanship, the clarity of instructions, and the excellent support that your employees gave me the few times that we were in contact.

I Wish Everything At Our New Place Was This Easy!

I thought that I would share that we received our set Wednesday afternoon in the middle of a WEEK OF WIND STORMS here in WEST TEXAS. We only had an hour of daylight Thursday & Friday after work but 2 of us completed the set Saturday before lunch. I say that is pretty good. Even though it is already chilly here, our kids love the set. They are 4 & 9! Thanks so much for a great product! I wish everything at our new place was this easy!

- Karmen Barker

The Quality of the Wood ... Construction ... The Best We Could Find


Jenny & I would like you to know just how great your product is!!! We spent around a year shopping the internet and our local area for a quality swing set for our five year old son. Your product more than lives up to its' billing, first the quality of the wood and the construction are of the best we could find, forget the price, your product still stands out better than products three times as much. My younger brother and I spent just under three hours putting the swing set together with a neighbor helping out in the last half hour of the task. The ease of your pre drilled holes and solid construction made it very easy. Our neighbor mentioned that a friend of his had install-play-equipment.pngjust purchased a national lumber dealers kit, he had to drill all holes, make all the measurements, and numerous cuts, and none of the wood was rounded on the corners for children’s protection. I just think of the time invested and his savings?? He actually spent more and received actually less in the amount of items related to his swing set. We are extremely satisfied customers, but more importantly our son plays for hours and at times it is difficult to get to come in for lunch or dinner! Again, Thanks we appreciate your products and customer service, we highly recommend your products to anyone!!! Sincerely,

- Jenny & Jim Dusso, Eyota, Minnesota

3-Hours to Put it Together

Swingset got here; took 2 daughters & 1 son-in-law about 3 hours to put it together. Everything fit perfectly, all holes aligned, & all parts were there. A wonderful experience in this day of mediocre products. Grandkids were playing on it by 1:00. Thanks.


- Chuck Lambeck

You Get What you Pay For

Rarely in these days does it seem you get what you pay for. In this case I got what I paid hubert.png for and more! After snapping the 4x4 posts by dropping one side of the tower, Kid's Creations helped me so I could finish the tower and then to my surprise overnighted the replacement posts!! You have a great dedication to customer service and you exceeded my expectations by turning a tragedy (in my 3 kid's eyes) to a triumph. Thank you again for providing such an outstanding value coupled with genuine customer service.

- Paul Hubert, Omaha Steaks

So Very Pleased we Chose to go with Kid's Creations

Hi, I have meant to respond sooner on this, but time is always short for some reason. First off, I received that Thurs after we talked the replacements and they were perfect.

I just want to say that all too often we seem to complain when things are not right, but then never reach out when things are great. I have to say things are great and my wife and I are so very pleased we chose to go with Kid's Creations.

The assembly was done by my dad, father-in-law and of course me. We started at 9am and completed at 3pm. This included a long lunch and me clearing away some sod where the tower is sitting on. From horror stories I have heard from friends on the assembly of these things I cannot help but to laugh a little thinking about the ease we had. I can only attribute this to of course our ability to follow instructions, but more so the clear directions and superior product your company produces.

So much for the technical aspect of the swing set. When my daughter first saw she nearly passed out with happiness. She calls it "Isabella's Park".....and is on it very often. We love it because it is great for her to be outside all the time, good exercise and of course it tires her out :-)..

Once again a big thanks to Kid's Creations for an excellent product and wonderful customer service we have received to date. Look forward to a continued relationship as the kids grow and swing set requirements are changing.

Kind Regards,

- Andrew Giannetto

Swing Set Parts Fit Together Perfectly

Just wanted to tell you that I put together the swing set this weekend. Took less than 4 hours and it is fantastic. Not only did all the parts fit together perfectly but the quality is excellent.

This is the second swing set I have put together (the first one was from Toys R Us). There is no comparison in terms of quality and the other swing set took nearly 4 days to put up versus 4 hours for this one.

Thanks again,

- Ashley

Purchased Swing Set 2-years Ago - is Holding Up Well


Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know the playset we purchased 2 years ago is holding up well. My kids have thoroughly enjoyed playing on it. My son who has Downs syndrome has had many successful physical therapy sessions on this playset!We are very pleased with the craftsmanship and have recommended your company to family & friends.

Thanks for everything.

- Paula & Kurt Storm

Design Tool was so Easy to Use


I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with your company and product, and I will be referring everyone I know to you.

The website ordering experience, and design tool was so easy to use. And it really was a great feeling to design the swingset, and then build it myself.

The lumber and equipment showed up on time, and was in great shape. Everything was pre-drilled, marked, and the instructions were great and easy to understand and follow.

Lastly, after I built the swingset online, I hit "call to order" and a rep called me almost immediately with my order in hand. She said it would take up to XX weeks to deliver, and I said I needed it for my daughters birthday.

She promised delivery by that date and sure enough it showed up on time.

Great company, great people, and great product, you should be very proud.

- Christian

Thanks for Making Such a Great Swingset


We wanted to say thanks for making such a great swingset.

I flew my dad out to help me put it together as well as get some quality father/daughter time. I wanted to pass on that even with an uneven backyard we still managed to get all the bolts in and get it level in the end. The quality and craftsmanship were excellent and my kids will enjoy this set for years to come. Thanks again for making such a great product.

- Mindy Brill, Valencia, CA

Is this a Dream?

wiechman.pngWe had a High Wire Set put together yesterday, and the kids kept saying “is this a dream?” think its beautiful and would like to keep it looking this way. I thought there was a section to your website on the care of the playset (sealing, etc… ) but can’t find it. Do you have brand new and annual maintenance recommendations?


- Aaron Wiechman

I am One Happy Customer


Just wanted to drop a few lines to express my appreciation on your product and services. I would say I have never done anything like this before and this is my FIRST time emailing a company to express my thanks.

I am one happy customer. Not only that your product exceed my expectations but your customer service is just unbelievable. The instructions were easy to follow. FATHERS, listen to Jeff and read the instructions at least twice before you assemble your set. And yes, they are all there. I thought I was pretty handy (as I have remodeled my home multiple times) and only scanned through the instructions once. I got stuck in the middle of the set up and had to call Jeff. Jeff and Karen walked me through and waited on the phone while I tried out their suggestions. Man, I was forever thankful. Jeff, you are one patient guy. I am Field Applications Engineer and I have recommended your website and product to pretty much all my customers and neighbors. I usually don't brag about anybody's product but my hat is off to your company. Outstanding product, outstanding service and the price is so competitive (I'd have paid more had I known that your product and services were this exceptional... and that is no lie). I am so glad that I stumbled on your website during my google search for my daughter's swing set.

Attached is the finish product. Thank you so very much.

- Neil, Kim and Emma Le

We Highly Recommend Kid's Creations


We had researched for a month, looked at many different makes and models of playsets, and were not satisfied until we found yours. All the others we looked at consistently fell short in quality, craftsmanship, and value; and they paled in comparison to yours. Kid's Creations is simply built to last! As you know from speaking with us, we have six children at home ranging from 2 to 15 years old?.. and they all love it! If you remember, our 2 yea old, Zoe, has a genetic, life-shortening disease called Cystic Fibrosis. We have to really keep her healthy.

We originally started out looking for something that she would love to do outside so she could get some regular exercise and enjoyment. Jeff, she is crazy about the playset! She would actually ask us several times everyday when it would finally arrive to us.

Delivery was actually pleasingly quick from the time of order. She was ecstatic when the truck pulled up and we told her that her playset was here! In addition, we bought approximately 4,000 pounds of rubber mulch to accompany it. Obviously, the rubber is very durable and does not deteriorate nor does it harbor a lot of bacteria etc. which is extremely important when it comes to Zoe's health and longevity, not to mention the others as well.

The directions were very clear and easy to follow! I loved the numbering system for the parts. It made the building and installation a snap! I think it took myself and one of the other kids about 5 to 6 hours total to construct the unit. not bad at all!

We highly recommend Kid's Creations! Kudos to your entire team! Thanks again!

Sincere Regards From A Happy Mom and Dad,

- Scott & Jada Ose

Swing Set is so Sturdy that Even the Adults can Play


Our kids have had the summer to play on the new swingset. I can honestly say that they along with the rest of the neighborhood kids just LOVE it!!! It is so sturdy that even the adults can play with the kids on the swingset as well.

You may have noticed several other sales in our immediate location since I have been telling anyone who would listen about your product and your customer service. Keep up the GREAT job!!

- Ron Cox

I Won the September Drawing


ridge.pngThanks for your call last week letting me know I won the September drawing for a free play set. You made my day. My son loves his new play set. It was easy to put together with the instruction that were provided... Thanks again.


- Steve Ridge

Thank You for Building Such an Exceptional Product

Dear Kid's Creations:

dennsions.pngThe Dennison family would like to thank you for building such an exceptional product. After shopping for what seemed to be YEARS, we settled on your product and are we glad. The directions were clear and concise, and when we had a question your support team was available on Saturday afternoon at 4:00. When other companies are using an answering service, you answered and reassured us we were completing the project correctly. Thanks. Our Children seem to be on the swingset at all times, not to mention our friends and family. It would not shock us to see other Kid's creation products in our neighborhood soon. Thanks again,


- The Dennison's

Great Instructions, Easy to Follow


vanderbosch.pngWords can not describe how shocked I am that you drew us for your giveaway! Our entire family is very grateful for your generosity, I'm quite sure there is no other company, that would do such a thing.

I did quite an extensive search for a durable, not to mention quality product. And I most definitely found that in Kid's Creations!

A fellow firefighter and myself had pretty much all of the structure (clubhouse, swing-beam, ladder, rockwall, ropeladder, gangplank) assembled in about 4.5 hours. Great instructions, easy to follow (read twice assemble once)! You were definitely correct in reference to the "Father Thing". Anyway, long story short, thank you and your "TEAM" so very much!

Respectfully Yours,

- Dave, Tonya, Courtney, Madison VanDerbosch

Quality is Equal to Most of the Higher- Priced Sets on the Market. My swingset review...

I just thought I'd send a picture of the new Kid's Creations anderson.pngplayset that I recently built for our 2-and-a-half year-old son. He loves it! (And so does his 12-year-old babysitter!) The directions were good (though I had to search a little to figure out how to assemble some of the options that we got) and it went together very quickly.

It looks great! I compared many playsets before purchasing this one. I believe Kid's Creations quality is equal to most of the higher-priced sets on the market.

Thanks again,

- David Anderson

We are Extremely Impressed with the Quality


burk.pngWe received our Entertainer II on Monday and my husband was so impressed with the quality of wood. We were going to have Mr. Handyman put it together, but after looking at it, we decided to give it a try ourselves first. I read the directions and my husband and friend put it together in about four hours!! The kids were thrilled, and the general adult reaction to seeing the playset is "oh, wow!" Then they ask us where we got it from - so we are plugging you!

We are extremely impressed with the quality - it is by far the best constructed of all the playsets I researched (and I did my homework). The wide sturdy ladder is awesome. We couldn't be happier with our purchase! Everytime I look at it, I pat myself on the back for picking the "right" company! Thanks for offering such a quality product in a market full of wanna-be's.


- The Burk family

We Love our New Swingset

pregiato.pngWe LOVE our new swingset and wanted to send photos over. The quality is amazing and it was easy to install and our daughter plays on it every single day. We look forward to enjoying many years with it.


- Wendy, Larry and especially Isabel Pregiato

Everything Went Exactly as Described on your Website

Hey Kids Creations! I just wanted you to addolnick.png our names to the list of satisfied customers. I was a bit apprehensive to buy such a major purchase on-line, but found that everything went exactly as described on your website. From ordering, shipping and installation - it all went off without a hitch. And I have to say our kids (and all the neighborhood kids) LOVE it. Keep up the good work - and if you have any potential clients looking in the Washington area, you're welcome to send them by our house to see your product. It's great! Thanks!

- Rhonda Olnick

The Craftsmanship and Wood Quality are Outstanding


I want to tell you how pleased Keith and I are with the swingsetwade.png you made for our daughter Kate. The craftmanship and wood quality are outstanding and we are thrilled that it turned out so well!!! I have been raving about you and your company to everyone! I was a little nervous ordering from the internet, but after talking with you before ordering I felt comfortable and thought you would do a great job - and you did!!! You were also there for us during our "assembly". Which for me was comical watching my dad and husband put it together - especially since I wasn't allowed to help :). It took them 2 days, but everything went together very well. Our daughter loves the swingset - she tells us all the parts are her favorite. If you ever need a reference, please feel free to use our name!

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to let you know how everything went. I have sent a picture of the finished masterpiece (which it is!). Thank you very much Jeff - we are really enjoying the swingset!!!!! I don't know if we can add more onto this swingset, but if we ever want to - I know who to call :)

Another VERY satisfied customer,

- Jeanette Wade

Family of Brands