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Swing Set Installation

Professional Installation Starting at $199

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As parents ourselves, we understand how busy parenthood can be. Between school and sporting events, it’s amazing that we’re able to find the time to rest. That is why we’re proud to offer professional swing set installation services. Our installation services can be summarized in three steps:

  • 1We pick-up your swing setswing set installation services
  • 2Deliver it to your homeswingset installation services
  • 3Install in your backyardswing set installation

*We only install Kid's Creations swing sets. We do not install other manufacturer's swing sets.

Our professional installers are certified, bonded and insured so you can be rest assured that your swing set will be installed properly for years of safe play. Kid's Creations has 32 branch locations throughout the U.S to make your experience hassle-free no matter where you live. On average, our swing set installation times can range from five to eight hours. The end result is more time for your children to make their dreams of a backyard adventure come true!

Swing Set Installation Pricing by Series:

Kid's Creations Installation Pricing*Due to additional assembly time, our mega tower swing sets, Midway and Adventure Mountain have additional installation costs.