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Safety First

Our Swing Set Safety Commitment!

swing set astm certified

At Kid’s Creations our #1 priority is providing a SAFE play structure for your children or grand children. It’s the reason why we’ve established such rigorous quality standards for ourselves. Kid’s Creations is a proud member of ASTM International, a respected standards organization whose guidelines for product materials and testing are recognized globally as an assurance of quality and safety. Here are some of our key safety features:

Recessed Bolts and Hardware - No Cuts, Scrapes or Torn Clothes!

swing set safety tips on hardware

All bolt connections are recessed, creating a safe environment for kids to play! Parents won't have to worry about cuts, scrapes or torn clothing with our swing sets. When kids are caught up in the thrill of a game, they easily forget that they are playing on a carefully constructed swing set. Hardware that is not recessed can pose a safety hazard - something you won't worry about with a Kid's Creations swing set.

Rounded Corners and Edges - Creating a Safe and Fun Playing Environment

All of our wood has rounded edges and corners, creating a safe and fun-playing environment that looks great in your yard! We do everything we can to ensure the swing set you purchase from us is as safe as possible, including rounding every wood corner and edge smoothly for your child's safety. Even the wood we use for our swing sets, genuine redwood, is virtually splinter free.

Plastisol Coated Belt Swing Chains - No More Finger Pinching

Even the chains on our swing sets get special attention. Kid’s Creations utilizes plastic coated swing set chains to minimize pinching of little fingers, cut down on material deterioration and mute chain noise. The coated chains are utilized anywhere a chain is required in the set. Plastisol coated chains prevent fingers from getting pinched and helps with better gripping for small hands.

Sturdy Steel Swing Connectors

swingset safety

Sturdy steel connectors provide a full range of motion without locking plus the additional strength needed for a lifetime of safe play. The swing set connectors utilized in our play sets are made with a combination of casted steel parts bolted together into a connector assembly. Our swing set connectors are important to note for a couple of reasons. First, they are sturdy and allow for safe play for children. Secondly, they provide a full range of motion for the swings themselves without some of the locking that are the byproduct of hardware in other swing set systems.



Safety Handles - Helping Kids Get a Gripplayset safety handles

Safety handles are utilized on our swing sets to add one more position for kids to secure their grip while playing. Safety handles are placed in strategic areas on the swing set equipment to make transitions easier from one area to the next.

Interlocking Flat Steps - Watch your Step

The ladder systems on Kid’s Creations swing sets are designed with interlocking steps for safety and ease of use. The steps make for a sturdy platform when climbing, therefore providing an easier route to the various platforms in our playground equipment.

Heavy Duty Molded Slides - Mom and Dad are Invited too!

Slides are a critical element of any swing set and the swing sets provided by Kid’s Creations are no exception. Our slides are molded plastic with side rails that increase safety. These slides are even sturdy enough for Mom and Dad to join in on the fun!

A Safe Wood Staining Process

Like everything we do at Kid's Creations, we searched for the best of the best for our staining process. When we couldn't find a stain to meet our expectations, we had one engineered especially for Kid's Creations. All Kid's Creations wood components are specially treated with our very own Wood Glow Semi-Transparent Stain and Sealer that makes our play sets look better, last longer and is 100% safe.

Our Role in Safety

Our products are made with safety, quality and durability in mind. Not all swing sets are the same and some, by their design alone, are downright dangerous. At Kid’s Creation we spend a lot of time thinking about safety because we know that a swing set is only fun when it’s as safe as possible. Every year injuries are reported across the country due to faulty swing sets and our goal is to never to be on that list. From making sure every wood corner and edge is smoothly rounded to checking that all bolts and hardware are evenly recessed to avoid snagging kids' clothing - we leave no area uncovered when it comes to safety. Even the wood we use for our swing sets, genuine redwood and premium cedar, is virtually splinter free. We take every precaution to ensure your swing set is safe, durable and secure.

Parents Role in Swing Set Safety for Kidsswing set safety for kids

Swing sets are designed for fun and recreation, but the combination of swings, slides and other accessories with active and playful children can easily lead to accidents. While we follow strict safety guidelines when designing the swing set, it’s still up to parents and adult supervisors to provide those all-important watchful eyes. Toddlers and young kids should never play on a swing set without an adult nearby to keep an eye out.

A good idea for swing set safety for kids is to clearly lay down some ground rules for the kids that will be using the play set. Make sure the kids know the rules, can repeat the rules back to you and understand that swing sets are for fun, but are also complex structures that need to be treated with respect. Kids will always act their age. Parents have the wisdom and knowledge to know how to keep kids safe. Our swing sets are designed to be as safe as possible, but we strongly recommend having a safety talk with your kids and their friends before using a it. When used properly, a swing set from Kid’s Creation will provide years of safe outdoor fun and recreation for kids of all ages.