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Environmental Commitment

Kid’s Creations is dedicated to not only providing you with the best possible wood available, but also wood that is supplied in an environmentally friendly way. That’s why we’re committed to sustainable and renewable forestry. Our American redwood suppliers harvest less than 2% of their forests and after harvest their lands are promptly replenished to ensure that new forests are regrown. 

wood playground sets

Our Redwood Suppliers Have the Following Criteria

  • Harvest lumber from their own lands
  • Replant and reforest harvested areas
  • Reduce impact on our future generations
  • Protect forests from wildfire, pests and diseases
  • Manage lands of special significance
  • Comply with forestry & environmental laws

Not All Wood is Created Equal...

Mother Nature has her own plans when it comes to how her offspring develops, which is why trees and lumber come in all different shapes, sizes andearth friendly wood swing sets degrees of strength as well as natural resistance to rot, decay and insects. Kid’s Creations only selects wood that is of the highest quality because in order to build the framework for an outdoor swing set, it’s crucial to have durable, resistant and hearty lumber. 

There are only two kinds of wood that meet Kid’s Creations’ criteria for our play sets and they are American redwood and Chinese cedar. Both of these woods are proven to be strong and resilient, but cedar does require more maintenance over time than redwood. Most importantly, though, both are grown and harvested sustainably. 

If you have questions about our commitment to the environment or our redwood and cedar swing sets, please contact us today!