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Swinging on a Swing Set Helps Kids Calm Down

Swinging on a swing set helps kids relax

Swinging on a swing set helps kids relax.

It’s rare to find a child who doesn’t like to swing. Most people may think it’s just because it’s fun. But there are also some neurological benefits to swinging on a backyard swing set that most people are unaware of.

Swinging on a swing set helps children sleep.

It’s true. Studies have shown that children who swing regularly sleep well (or better anyway) because the spinning motion helps balance neurological activity in the brain. You know those wound up thoughts you have when you’re lying in bed with insomnia, staring at the clock? Well, kids have that stuff too. But they don’t have the logical perceptions to help them lie still. When wiring has gone haywire, neurological focus affects your sleeping patterns. The back and forth motion and spinning motions helps settle immature brains into a restful peace.

Swinging helps children with sensory issues.

Sensory issues have a wide range, but for the most part, it’s very common for young eyes swinging on swingstoddlers and preschool aged children to have some sort of sensory issue. It’s part of the developmental patterns.

Some kids don’t like socks on their feet. Some children can’t handle tags touching their skin. Some kids have hot/cold sensitivities. Loud noises can be a hardship for many children. As we age, we tend to grow out of many of these issues.

Swinging helps put the balance back in the system for children. It doesn’t make these issues go away, but it helps calm them down so that they can focus less on their irritants.

Swinging benefits children on the Autism/Asperger’s spectrum.

It’s a well-known therapy for children on the Autism spectrum to have a daily swing. Many parents with children on the spectrum even have indoor and outdoor swings so they can kids yogabenefit from swinging late at night and during inclement weather.

Children who have Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome can also benefit from the soothing motion of a swing set. With these children, atypical swinging patterns often have added benefits. Try twirling; side-to-side motion; and lying on the stomach. See how they react and if they seem to like it, continue on with these soothing methods to help them slow down.

Overall, the benefits of swinging are more than just having a good time. Swinging helps the brain balance. It helps settle. Swinging on a swing set is like meditation or yoga for children. It helps them calm. It helps them soothe. And it aids in balancing the brain’s wiring.

Make Swinging a Part of your Child’s Daily Routine

So, if you’ve got an overactive/hyperactive/hard to settle child, try adding a daily swing activity into your routine and watch them settle down. Best of all, this fun activity can be practiced right on your backyard swing set. Even adults can try this! After a stressful day at work, try swinging along side your child. It may be just what the doctor ordered!

backyard swings

Swinging is fun and has a great calming affect on the mind.

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  1. Beckie Fite Beckie Fite says:

    Can you site your research sources for this article? We are trying to get our school district to change their swing policy and I need cold, hard facts! :)

  2. Brennan Brennan says:

    Hi Beckie,

    Thank you for visiting our blog. The link to the resources can be found at the bottom of this blog. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Have a great day!

    Brennan Deitsch

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